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Are Crab Legs Good For You?

Anything you do should be done in moderation, crab legs included. I do not like hearing that but you can overindulge on anything. That being said, crab legs offer a lot of health benefits. I will confess, health and nutrients do not even cross my mind when the cravings for fresh crab legs hit. Nevertheless, it is good to know that I am getting some health benefits from the mountain of Jimmy’s crab legs I just consumed.

I pulled some articles going into the health benefits of crab legs. All the articles went into the nutrient benefits of crab. According to the sources, here are some benefits you are getting that you may not have thought of as you break into that snow crab leg cluster. Crab legs are:

  • High in Protein
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Offer multiple vitamins including b2

More Crab Leg Health Benefits

As I dug deeper I read that there were even more things about crabs which make them a nutrient rich food. Not just are they protein, but they are lean protein. This is contrast to beef which is often fatty or heavily marbled. This kind of fat is can be bad for your arterial health. This lean protein in crab legs also has less calories than fattier animal proteins that come from cows or pigs.


Crab Legs Offer Other Benefits

At an all you can eat seafood buffet there may be a chance that the overwhelming site of food could cause you to eat that food faster. With so much on your plate you might find you are shoveling those crab bites and popcorn shrimp at a furious pace. Crab legs have a built in mechanism to prevent this.

Crab legs are the ultimate fresh food. Like fruit they come in their natural packaging with one exception. You have to work to get to the meat and all those health benefits. Every snow crab leg or Alaskan King Crab cluster means you have to crack, smash, manipulate and shift to get to those morsels of lean crab meat. This is good because it offers some benefits you may not have thought of.

First it slows you down. Nothing is as Paleo as cracking crab. You just cannot speed eat fresh crab. You have to crack a shell and then get to a piece of crab. While you enjoy that piece the process starts again. This prevents shoveling food down so fast you cannot enjoy it.

Second as you take time to crack and eat crab meat you are savoring each piece. That time is allowing you to eat at a more regulated pace, letting you get the message that you are full, before you risk indigestion. This alone, is a huge benefit to indulging in crab legs at the buffet (besides the sheer deliciousness of course).



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